Saturday, June 02, 2007


Finally uninstalled ZMD

ZMD is the worst thing that happened to SuSE. It often starts eating 100% of CPU for no reason, crashes every now and then, and returns "unresolvable id" error most of the time when trying to install updates. Good that they will remove ZMD from 10.3 completely. ZMD can be uninstalled from 10.2 as well (although it is installed by default). For some reason I was reluctant to uninstall it from my laptop, despite it (and some md5sum, gzip and parse-metadata processes) eating 100% CPU all the time. But yesterday, I finally uninstalled it and it feels so much better.

Uninstallation was simpler than I thought. Just two commands

rczmd stop
rpm -e zmd libzypp-zmd-backend sqlite-zmd rug zen-updater

After removing ZMD, selecting Install Software starts YaST. To check for updates, I started openSUSE Update Applet from System -> Desktop Applets. This applet is not as beautiful as the previous ZMD one, but it works better (no "unresolvable id" errors).

Those interested in configuring SuSE for package management should read the following openSUSE community article.

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