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SuSE 10.1 Installation Guide

I recently installed SUSE Linux 10.1 on my workstation. While installing, I saved screenshot for each step and prepared a step by step guide to installing SUSE 10.1 for newbies.

Tnx for the guide ! :)
Good work Nilesh.

Thanks very much. I couldn't find what I needed on openSUSE's site but your howto w/ images did the trick. Thanks again!
I am trying to do a network install, but it freezes everytime at the same point - During the System Analysis while Intitializing Catalogs..
Any ideas why - i am sure my internet connection and details of a distribution folder are fine.
Yes, it happened to me as well. I was installing SUSE using vmware, and everytime freezed while initializing system catalog thingy. Then I increased memory of system (allocated by vmware for virtual machine) from 200M to 700M and things worked fine. This might be a SUSE bug with low memory systems.
thank you
I tried that, I have XP, and I upped the virtual memory to 800mb but the installation process (using internet) froze at the system Analysis:Initializing Catalogs point.
So nice, Nilesh.
Perhaps, minimage in the future 'll include ftp or http addresses and 'll autoswitch to the best for users.
This isn't just a VMWare issue - same problem doing a normal net install (from 35Mb iso) on a Dell PC - 256Mb RAM, P3 etc. etc. Should be fine but just hangs at initialising catalogues. Tried ftp and http, mutiple mirrors, with and without add-ons. Hangs every time. Giving up. Machine installed Ubuntu 5.10 no problem. I just don't like brown much!!!
what is the defualt username and password.
I installed suse 10.1 using cds, i did not enter username and password, nowi its asking me to enter username and password

@anon - There is no default login and password. You should have entered something at user management screen.

To create a new local user, login as root (administrator), with login=root and root password. Then start YaST (press Alt+F2 and type yast), and create a new user by selecting user management. Log out and login again as this user.

Hope this helps.
Please explain how to create a boot cd . I have downloaded cd 1, 2, 3 etc. Cd 1 isn't bootable on my system. I can insert a windows cd and it will boot off the cd rom just fine. But when I insert cd 1 of suse 10.1 it does recognize it as a bootable cd. The same thing with the internet installation boot cd.
@anon - To burn a bootable CD, you must use the "burn image" option to write CD with your CD writing software. The CD should not be created as the normal data CD.
Thankyou very much Nilesh, Its helped and I do not need to re install all over again
i wanna make the desktop a little bigger
How do i do that
I have the same problem as john. When I boot my system, it askes me for a user name and password. the installer never asked me for a user name and password? now I can't log into my installation.
im having the same problem as discussed above, it freezes at the initializing catalogs part of system analysis, i tried adding ram to the mobo, with no avail. plz someone help.
Thanz Nilesh,

This guide was a great help
I was hoping you might be able to help me. Your guide was great It got me started but I've encountered a problem. It takes hours for the internet install to finish when it finally gets done downloading all the packages the system restarts and I get a black screen with something about YaST but no options or anything to continue. What might I be doing wrong. This usually happens because I have it run when I go to bed and of course the darn thing finishes while I'm sleeping so I haven't a clue what happens right when it gets done. If you could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Thanks
@carol - you need to tell me exactly what is displayed on screen, so that I can guess what is the error. I will recommend you try installing with a CD (and not internet install) so that you can watch the complete install.

One possible reason for black screen can be SUSE not detecting correct monitor settings. Try booting in text level (run level 3). When SUSE is booting, first screen (grub loader) displays a list of available operating systems to boot (with a timeout clock). On this screen, select suse, press space, type 3, and press enter. This will boot your system in run level 3 which is text mode. Test if this works.
Good job, Nilesh, and I would not thought of dropping my firewall as it said the network card was the problem! Dropped the dsl wall and added the / (after source) from your work. It is net loading now, thanks to you! (BTW, I believe UBUNTU is more picky than SUSE10.1 about freezing on install.) Also WINXP users may need to use burnatonce to make .iso images that work. I wasted a bunch of cds before researching on the net and finding the problem was an MS enhancement. Thanks also for making my comments possible. H
I have been attempting to install SuSe 10.1 and Mandriva 2006 to a PC P4-1500 with 512MB RAM and an IBM 38 GB drive numerous times and pc keeps hanging up. No mouse movement and nothing going on. Reboot and try again with same results. I booted to windows xp pro, used disk management to remove partitions to clear the drive and tried again with same results. I did have Suse 9.3 previously installed and working, but cannot install 10.1 or Mandriva to this PC. I am able to boot up a live cd to the system, but cannot install purchased software.
Any suggestions?
I'm not finished yet, but this is the only usable guide I've found. THX! Hungary
The ISOs I am downloading fail the media check test. I have tried the CDs and the DVD ISOs but have not succeeded.
Thanks a lot for this very useful guide. It walked me through the whole installation process.


P.S. perhaps it is intended but the link in the 'Read more' section: 'Hacking SUSE Linux 10.1 - a post-installation guide' points to the very same 'installation guide' page.
Thanks very much ..

but I have SuSE 10.0 and harddisk 80 GB SATA and file systems ntfs (WinXP)

try installing SuSE bun some of backages as : db , prel , wvdial , xorg-x11 and net-snmp don't copy

I don't know why !
Seriously useful, makes the openSUSE installation much easier, the screenies are a godsend, too.

Cheers, I appreciate what you've done!

Excellent help page, except for one omission. If, during installation, you get a "system error code" (such as I got at the stage of partitioning - "shrinking partition") which prevented the installation from proceeding, then where do you find a translation of an error code into an intelligible explanation? I got "system error code - 1021", which means nothing to me.

Is there an explanatory list of such codes?

Thanks for any help. (The demo DVD runs fine; the 64-bit DVD blocks my path at the above point.)
i have downloaded suse linux and i was trying to install in on my pc but there is some problem in installing it
the problem is in the INSTALLATION SETTING :
1.partitioning error :no proposal
In above 2.SOFTWARE it is showing me some problem that is showing me ERROR: NO Proposal when i accept
that is where my installtion get stuck up i cannt go ahead it is giving me ERRoR : The Proposal contains an error that must be resolve before continuing plz guide me through it
Great help - but I have a problem -

Suse 10.1 Installation Problem - Please Help

Hi - I am trying to install Suse 10.1 with the 5 Install CDs

I have Shuttle xpx SS51G
intel pentium4 1.6
256 Ram and a Avermedia TV Tuner

Boot to CD1 is fine - I get the completion of CD1 rpms
after competion of CD1, rather than going into CD2 my system wants to reboot.

If I reboot with CD1 in the computer it starts the intall process all over again

If I reboot with CD 2 it wants me to insert CD 1

If I try to boot off the hard drive I get isolinux Disk error 80 , AX 0201, drive 80

Any help would be greatly appreciated - This is my first Linux install and its been so frustrating!
If you read the start manual... it tells you, when you insert cd1, to go to installation. There will be a "other options" button. Press this, and then load distro on hdd - then it will load the already installed kernel, and then will ask you for disk two. I got past that point all good and well... now im getting an error code 21 on boot when grub is trying to boot. O.o any ideas?

SUSE 10.1
500mhz ( 360 mb ram )
13gig hdd
You've done a very good job in documenting the installation steps. It's a great help.
Thanks a lot. This is great info for some one like me. This is my 1st Suse installation.
Curious - How did you get screenshots during installation, in the early stages? What key combo, and where was it stored?
@anon: for taking screenshots while installing, read

I haven't used this technique though for screenshots in this tutorial as I was installing suse on vmware.
Is it possible to install SUSE from HD in case that CDROM player is not reliable in work?


The solution to the "initializing catalogues" freeze when installing suse 10.1:

I had this same problem when installing suse linux in a virtual PC. Originally I had 256 MB of RAM and ran the installer using the graphical installer.

I then uppped the virtual PC memory to 305 MB and I set the installer to text only mode. You can set the installer to text only mode at the initial boot screen by pressing F3 and selecting text only as the display mode.

I don't know if it was the text only mode or the memory increase that fixed it, but the problem went away... Hope this helps!
yes, i couldn't figure out what mirror to use or where the 10.2 install sources were, so i followed these directions and i'm quite happy with the resule
I am getting "no hard disks were found for the installation
check your hardware" message
anybody knows what I should do?
I am installing Suse 10.1 on XP

Hi,... How install SUSE 10.1 from DVD ?
I was looking for installation guide. For now this is excellent effort by you. I really appreaciate. I did not installed yet but I should follow the instructions which are so user friendly... Good work..
Is it possible you can give me your email. I will really appreaciate you too.
hi.. the guide is really help full.. thanks for that
what i want more is i am running on low disk space in one of my lan machines on linux suse 10.1
i have 2 partitions on the 80 gb hard disk 30 and 45 gb each
all my home folders are on 30 gb partition also i would like to know how do i delete the temp files???

thnx in advance...
I have already installed Windows in C Drive can u tell me how do i make a dual boot , so that i can install Suse Linux 10.1 version in D Drive ??Please tell me how to make a dual boot for Windows as well as Linux OS.
I have 2 DVD's of Suse Linux 10.1 version. Tell me how to make a dual boot , windows is already installed in "C" Drive. Now i want to install Linux in D-Drive.
Thankx for yur guidance.
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i m just using linux minthelena
it can't install unixodbc2.3.00
due to init repository problem ....
please helpme in having the required repository
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